“White Trash, the 400 Year Untold History of Class in America,” by Nancy Isenberg.  This historian looks into white working-class life in the U.S., especially the lower end of the working class—white ‘trash’.  A good antidote to liberal and divisive anti-working class ideas which see all white people as hopeless reactionaries.   Reviewed on MayDay Books blog.

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Mayday carries magazines like: The Nation, The Progressive, Monthly Review, Show Me The Money, New Internationalist, Earth Island Journal,  Science in Society, UTNE Reader, Z Magazine, Dollars & Sense, Bitch, Against the Current, Labor Notes and left-wing newspapers like: Fight Back, Workers Vanguard, 5th Estate, Slingshot, Socialist Appeal, Justice, Progressive Populist, Catholic Worker (1 cent), Socialist Action, The, 1908-1938 Match, etc.  Now in, the excellent “Jacobin,” magazine. 

Sample of Marked Down / Used Books in Stock:

“Origins of the Chinese Revolution, 1915-1949”.  Succinct history of the Chinese revolution, synthesizing the issues during the struggle against capital and intervention. $2.00 Softback. 


“The Ways of the World,” by David Harvey.  A book that covers the trajectory of Harvey’s lifelong project in full, combining labor and geography into an advanced Marxist synthesis. 

“Uncertain Futures—an Assessment of the Condition of the Present,” by Edmund Berger.  A look at the present economic and political conjuncture from a Marxist / anarchist perspective.  The author wants to reinvigorate the politics of everyday life.

“What Kind of Creatures Are We?” by Noam Chomsky.  Chomsky’s study of linguistics and the uses of language in the present day.  Orwell and libertarian socialism get a workout, I’m sure. 

Trotskyism in the U.S.-Historical Essays and Reconsiderations,” by George Breitman, Paul Le Blanc and Alan Wald.  Modern reflections on a history of the revolutionary Trotskyist current in the U.S. by 3 veterans of the movement. 

“The Mother of All Questions,”  by Rebecca Solnit.  Solnit talks about the women who refuse to be silenced, on topics like the fragile masculinity of the literary canon. 

“The Hidden Life of Trees—What they Feel, How they Communicate.  Discoveries from a Secret World,”  by Peter Wohlleben.  The forest is a social network, as trees are like a family which tends to their young, communicate and share nutrients.   

“Dinkytown—Four Blocks of History,” by Bill Huntzicker.  A key neighborhood next to the U of Minnesota, this local book traces its history from 1875 as a terminus in the street car system to the Red Barn and anti-war protests in the 1970s.