“No is Not Enough—Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need,”  by Naomi Klein.  Superstar analyst challenges the anti-Trump movement to have a vision beyond ‘no’ or ‘lets go back to the way it was’ - because that is where Trump came from.

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Mayday carries magazines like: The Nation, The Progressive, Monthly Review, Show Me The Money, New Internationalist, Earth Island Journal,  Science in Society, UTNE Reader, Z Magazine, Dollars & Sense, Bitch, Against the Current, Labor Notes and left-wing newspapers like: Fight Back, Workers Vanguard, 5th Estate, Slingshot, Socialist Appeal, Justice, Progressive Populist, Catholic Worker (1 cent), Socialist Action, The, 1908-1938 Match, etc.  Now in, the excellent “Jacobin,” magazine. 

Sample of Marked Down / Used Books in Stock:

“Nothing Every Dies: Vietnam and the Memory of War,” by Viet Thanh Nguyen.  The author of “The Sympathizer,” Nguyen reflects on how the war is remembered.  Read this before Ken Burns butchers that memory.  $12.00 Hardback. 



“The Doctor & the Saint—Caste, Race and Annihilation of Caste—the Debate between BR Ambedkar and MK Gandhi,” by Arundhati Roy.  The title says it all.  Roy takes on Gandhi’s support of the Hindu caste system, through the lens of ‘untouchables’ like Ambedkar. 

“Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up? Organizing the 21st Century Resistance,” edited by M Truscello & A Nangwaya.  The author identifies contemporary obstacles to mass mobilization by those without much money and explores the likelihood of revolution in our time.

“A Redder Shade of Green— Intersections of Science & Socialism,” by Ian Angus.  The author specializes in this topic, and advocates for a unity of socialist methods and environmental activism. 

“Kill All Normies—Online Culture Wars from 4Chan and Tumblr to Trump and the Alt-Right,” by Angela Nagle.  A look inside the culture wars on the internet.  The book makes the case of the rejection of the ‘cultural turn’ which has bogged down politics for 30 years.

“A People’s History of the Russian Revolution,” by Neil Faulkner.  This British historian debunks the modern bourgeois myths and caricatures about the revolution.

“Ministry of Utmost Happiness” by Arundhati Roy.  Her first work of fiction in many years, it combines a sweeping take on the ‘dregs’ of Indian society with progressive politics, romance and humanism.  (Reviewed on Mayday Books blog.)

“The Politics of Immigration—Questions and Answers,” by Jane Guskin and David Wilson.  The real story if immigration in the U.S. and other countries.