“Ten Days that Shook the World,” by John Reed.  This classic journalistic history of the Russian Revolution is required reading.  Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the revolution by buying a copy.

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Mayday carries magazines like: The Nation, The Progressive, Monthly Review, Show Me The Money, New Internationalist, Earth Island Journal,  Science in Society, UTNE Reader, Z Magazine, Dollars & Sense, Bitch, Against the Current, Labor Notes and left-wing newspapers like: Fight Back, Workers Vanguard, 5th Estate, Slingshot, Socialist Appeal, Justice, Progressive Populist, Catholic Worker (1 cent), Socialist Action, The, 1908-1938 Match, etc.  Now in, the excellent “Jacobin,” magazine. 

Sample of Marked Down / Used Books in Stock:

“The Problem with Work—Feminism, Marxism, Anti-work Politics and Postwork Imaginaries,” by Kathi Weeks.  The author looks at value beyond paid work.  $9.00 Softback. 


“NO is Not Enough—Resisting Trump’s Shock Politics and Winning the World We Need,”  by Naomi Klein.  Superstar analyst challenges the anti-Trump movement to have a vision beyond ‘no’ or ‘lets go back to the way it was’ - because that is where Trump came from.

“We Will Not Be Silenced—The Academic Repression of Israel’s Critics, edited by WI Robinson and MS Griffin.  Details the grim treatment of anyone in U.S. academe who opens their mouth against Israeli treatment of Palestine and Palestinians. 

“Left Americana—The Radical Heart of US History,” by Paul LeBlanc.  A collection of essays by a prominent U.S. Trotskyist focus on various odd and radical incidents in U.S. history - from the bottom up.

“On Western Terrorism,” by Noam Chomsky and Andre Vltchek.  The book focuses on western uses of force since the 1940s, including Nicaragua, Cuba and China.  An ‘introduction to Chomsky” according to the book jacket.

“The Dilemmas of Lenin– Terrorism, War, Empire, Love & Revolution,” by Tariq Ali.  The long-time Marxist author examines the great questions of Lenin’s life, and how they were handled. 

“October—the Story of the Russian Revolution,” - China Mieville, 2017. From the jacket: “… a breathtaking story of humanity at its greatest and most desperate; of a turning point of civilization that still resonates loudly today.”   

Marx & The Earth—An Anti-Critique– by John Bellamy Foster and Paul Burkett.  Authors follow up on their initial classic by defending Marxist environmentalism on issues like dialectics, thermodynamics and other issues raised by eco-socialists.  (REviewed on Mayday Books blog.)