Why the name “May Day” for the bookstore?

May Day originated in the U.S. in Chicago in the fight for the 8 hour day, starting around 1886.  It was later declared an international day of labor by the Socialist International.  It is celebrated by the working class and unions all over the world, and is a paid holiday in many, except in the U.S., its birthplace.  Mayday Books carries on the tradition in its original home.

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Magazines & Newspapers

May Day carries magazines like: The Nation, The Progressive, Monthly Review, Show Me The Money, New Internationalist, Earth Island Journal,  Science in Society, UTNE Reader, Z Magazine, Dollars & Sense, Bitch, Against the Current, Labor Notes and left-wing newspapers like: Fight Back, Workers Vanguard, 5th Estate, Slingshot, Socialist Appeal, Justice, Progressive Populist, Catholic Worker (1 cent), Socialist Action, The, 1908-1938 Match, etc.  Now in, the excellent “Jacobin,” magazine. 

Sample of Marked Down / Used Books in Stock:

“Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching—a Young Black Man’s Education,” by Mychal D Smith.  How do young black men expect to survive in the U.S.?  A prose/political piece of art and potential revolution.  $10.00 Hdbk. 

**A new batch of used political books has just arrived, as elderly leftists downsize.  Come on in and check them out!  Rare stuff!**




“In the Shadows of he American Century—the Rise and Decline of U.S. Global Power,” by Alfred W McCoy.  The author peels back the layers of secrecy about the military and economic battle for global domination which involve the U.S.

Lenin 2017,” by Slavoj ZIzek.  The author looks, not at 1917, but at the last two years of Lenin’s life, where the retreat of the revolution was obvious.  A portrait of intellectual courage in the face of retreat.

“No Sacred Cows—Investigation Myths, Cults and the Supernatural,” by David McAffe.  While established religion wanes in the U.S., belief in other supernatural idiocies rises.  The author is an anthropologist who looks at Scientologists, paranormalists, new agers and other fantasists. 

“AntiFa –The Anti-Fascist Handbook,”  by Mark Bray.  The author, a former member of Occupy Wall Street, tracks anti-fascism after WWII from an anarchist point of view.  He concludes in the present day and the confrontations between modern U.S. fascists and their opponents.