Why the name “May Day” for the bookstore?

May Day originated in the U.S. in Chicago in the fight for the 8 hour day, starting around 1886.  It was later declared an international day of labor by the Socialist International.  It is celebrated by the working class and unions all over the world, and is a paid holiday in many, except in the U.S., its birthplace.  Mayday Books carries on the tradition in its original home.

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Text Box: Magazines & Newspapers
May Day carries magazines like: The Nation, The Progressive, Monthly Review, Show Me The Money, New Internationalist, Earth Island Journal,  Science in Society, UTNE Reader, Z Magazine, Dollars & Sense, Bitch, Against the Current, Labor Notes and left-wing newspapers like: Fight Back, Workers Vanguard, 5th Estate, Slingshot, Socialist Appeal, Justice, Progressive Populist, Catholic Worker (1 cent), Socialist Action, The, 1908-1938 Match, etc.  Now in, the excellent “Jacobin,” magazine.  
Sample of Marked Down / Used Books in Stock:
“The Road to Ruin—the Global Elite’s Secret Plan for the Next Financial Crisis,” by James Rickards.  The author looks at the coming financial armegeddon, based on the failure of the dollar and the incompetence of the capitalist central bankers.  $5.00 Hardbk.  
Slingshots for 2018 Now in Stock!!
“How to Kill a City—Gentrification, Inequality and the Fight for the Neighborhood,” - Peter Moskowitz.  A look at late-stage gentrification and how corporations are running working-class and non-white people out of affordable housing, enriching the real estate interests at the expense of the population.
“American Wolf—A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West,” by Nate Blakeslee.  The story of ‘the most famous wolf in the world,’ and her exploits in Yellowstone National Park.  An in-depth look at the lives of a wolf.  A bit of Jack London, a tale of the American West.
“Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How“ by Theodore J Kaczynski.  Kacynski’s famous opus to deep ecology and the fight against technology.  
“A Foodie’s Guide to Capitalism—Understanding the Political Economy of What We Eat,” by Eric Holt-Gimenez.  An analysis of the industrial capitalist food system.  What is more basic than food?  Reviewed on May Day books blog.
“October 1917 Revolution, a Century Later,” by Samir Amin.  Leading Marxist considers how to understand the gains and losses of the November revolution.  
“Trump in the White House—Tragedy & Farce,” by John Bellamy Foster.     The author tracks the rise of zombie ‘fascism’ in the U.S., showing how Trump is the end point of a stagnating economic system, whose liberal veneer has peeled away.